With continued increases in oil prices and projected growth in worldwide demand for oil,  Alta Vista Energy LLC has chosen to make Oil Production our primary objective. Alta Vista's production objectives are accomplished through acquisition and revitalizing of marginal and inactive oil wells – which have past production records showing them to have excellent commercial potential. Why revitalize inactive oil wells? Because it’s GREEN!  According to industry experts, 2/3 OF THE OIL DISCOVERED in most major oil fields HAS BEEN LEFT BEHIND! Prominent oil industry experts and researchers agree that there are billions of barrels of residual oil still remaining in most mature oil fields. During the mid 1990's thousands of productive oil wells were inactivated and abandoned when the price of oil tumbled down to record lows. Today, the price of oil continues to hit record highs, and as world demand for oil increases, the value of these oil wells have also greatly increased.  In the U.S. there are over 400,000 marginal and inactive oil & gas wells that are still capable of commercial oil/gas production. “In His hands are the depths of the earth.” Ps.95:4